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The perfect kids' bedroom design should reflect the child's personality, be functional and easy to clean.


At Great Kids Rooms you will find everything you need to create a unique and exciting personal space for your child, a bedroom that your girl or boy will cherish and be proud of.


Whether you are planning a simple bedroom makeover, with a change of bedding and accessories, or a complete bedroom renovation, you will find the appropriate kid bedroom accessories here. 


There is a wide selection of child's bedding available and an array of children's bedroom themes. If your budget permits, there is creatively designed children's bedroom furniture, kid carpets, kid wallpaper and plenty of unique kid bedroom accessories. 















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Our 3 Best Picks:



 offers some of the nicest children's bedding that we have seen. It is categorised by Girl and Boy, making shopping easy. Over 60 bedding sets to choose from


Nursery Depot 

Don't let the name fool you! A huge selection categorised nicely by boy and girl as well as by bedroom theme, brand or price!


Rooms To Go Kids


A small but unique selection of bedding.


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