Great Kids' Rooms: Beds

When it comes to children's bedroom furniture, a kid's bed is the centerpiece of the room.


For boys, the classic captain's bed offers a practical design for storage. Captain's beds can have four to eight drawers, while the smaller version mate's bed usually has two or three.  Loft beds and bunk beds also offer unique bedroom space solutions.  If space isn't an issue, creative designs like car beds and castle beds can create a really unique room.


A canopy bed for girls and the day bed are still two of the most popular styles. There are even day beds that are canopy beds, perfect for the child or teen that likes to spend time in her room. Girls' beds let designers be creative with spectacular butterfly beds, elegant sleigh beds and princess beds. 


Girls also enjoy the practicality of captain's beds and loft beds.


Of course for every bed, there is the appropriate dresser and night table to complete the child's bedroom set.















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Our 3 Best Picks:


Bunk beds, captains beds and canopy beds, plus a few unique designs like the castle bed and fire station bed.


Rooms To Go Kids


Bunk beds, sleigh beds, captain beds and loft beds all finished in beautiful natural wood or white finish. Each bed is displayed with the full furniture set. Also features the popular      castle bed.



Directly Home  


Our best pick for bunk beds and day beds, plus a few nice canopy beds. Beautiful selection of wood and metal frames.



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